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For One Piece: Romance Dawn on the PSP, GameFAQs has 3 cheat codes and secrets.

One Piece Romance Dawn Ppsspp Cheat Codes

One Piece: Romance Dawn Cheats For PSP • Fighting Film Z Aokji and Panda Man You are able to fight two secret bosses: Film Z- Aokji and Panda Man. Both these bosses have their own specific conditions that must be met in order to reach them on the main map screen. Unlockable Unlockable Simply follow the map route(in order): Logue town, Shell Town, Fusia town, Baratie restaurant, and Logue town again. Film Z-Aokji Complete all of the map quests Pandaman Contributed by: Fortecross • Unlock Portgas D. Ace as a party member Simply complete the main storyline. Unlockable Unlockable Finish the main story Portgas D. Ace Contributed by: Fortecross.

One Piece Romance Dawn

Just watch the anime By It’s a little nitpicky, but is a bit of a misnomer. The story arc called Romance Dawn is told in the first four episodes of the anime, but Romance Dawn the game encompasses nearly 500 episodes of One Piece canon, from the beginning all the way to the Marineford arc. It’s a long journey for the Straw Hat Pirates (and for watchers of the anime), but it’s all done after just 20 hours of disappointing, skeletal roleplaying gameplay. It’s a weak game that mangles its beloved source material, making me wonder: Who is this even for?