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I have dell Inspiron 7437 4th generation core i7 with windows 10 on it. Morever, i have also updated my BIOS and drivers from Dell Support, a month ago. Yes, It is hard truck 2 - King of the road. I am playing this game from disc setup file. Hard Truck 2 King of the Road Hard Truck 2 King of the Road I basically a truck racing game, which is one best game to drive your truck in the whole city. Hard Truck 2 King of the Road you can challenge the world about what you are doing and what is your plan which you are going to do.

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• Continuous network of road ways with a variety of surfaces as well as hidden paths. • Dynamic weather and a day/night cycle.

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Hard Truck 2: King Of The Road

• Realistic (for its time) 3D graphics, including dynamic lighting. • Many special effects, including tire marks, exhaust, lens flare, rain, and fog. • Realistic physics. • Complete built-in economic system. • Three different multi-player modes. • Travel to 11 different depots, from an airport, to a harbor, to a secret military base. • Several drivable trucks by popular manufacturers, such as; Peterbuilt, Mack, Kenworth, Renault, Volvo, Freightliner, and Mercedes-Benz.