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Description The battles between the hollows and the wielders of the Shining Force were fierce eons back, however all power dissipates in the course of time, and soon the Shining Force is replaced by newer technology.Although the wars between humans and hollows have ended, strife between countries never did. Download Shining Force Feather (JP) ROM for Nintendo DS (NDS) from Rom Hustler. Download Shining Force Feather patch here. More than 400K cracks, keygens and patches are presented in our data base. Download film top secret the billionaire.

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Contents [] Story 3,000 years ago, a war between the Shining Force and the Kyomu plunged the world into chaos. That war is remembered primarily in items known as artifacts, which were sealed away after the war. 3,000 years later, a young treasure hunter named Jin and his friend Bail discover a hidden ruin where a lost artifact is found and accidentally awakens an android girl named Alfin. A new adventure in search for lost artifacts has just begun. Characters Playable Characters (The Descriptions are translations of their profiles from the SFF: Master Guide) • - A treasure hunter who travels the country and is the main protagonist of this game. He was an orphan under the master swordsman, Osin, but while practicing one day, everything changes. Given the short-term greed on his own behalf, and with his chivalrous and loyal spirit, he sets out on a quest. Holsclaw boat trailer serial number.