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Save data suikoden 1 mcr

Suikoden 1 Review

Q: I have both games on my PS3, can I load my save data into Suikoden II from Suikoden? The system works almost exactly like it does on the PS1. The virtual memory cards can be accessed and created on the XMB main menu, and in-game it will function the same. Q: I have both games on my Vita, how can I load the save data into Suikoden II?

I don't really understand about this problem, but when i want to load my game data from Suikoden I to Suikoden II with ePSXe emulator, it was failed.

A: This is reasonably easy. But, you do have to jump through some more hoops to get it to work. When a PSone classic is downloaded, the Vita automatically creates two memory cards for it and it alone. So, we have to do some save-shuffling and copying.