Pokemon Glazed How To Go New Island

Pokemon Glaze Complete Walkthrough Glenwood town -> prof. Willow's lab -> forest pass -> battle pikachu [dont try to catch it!!!] -> battle PERCY w/ cyndaquil.

  1. Pokemon Glazed How To Make Jirachi Reappear

Pokemon Glazed How To Make Jirachi Reappear

Go through the name choice and the starting scene like most games. You will get a letter that says, 'Please come to New Island as soon as possible.

Victini: Surf is required here, as well as a good team of Pokemon. Go to Seaspray Town and head left, to a very tiny beach. Surf to the left and go down until you find an island with a house on it. Inside is a guy named Soheal, who will battle you using a powerful team of 6 level 50 Pokemon. If you manage to win, he will give you a level 20 Victini as a gift. Mar 11, 2016 - Pokemon Glazed Wlkthrgh Fictional Life Forms Nintendo Franchises. Waters -follow the path until you reach the new island -> battle/catch.


I have a bug in Pokemon Glazed where the underwater route is shrouded in mist. I also can't dive out of this route either.

This means I can't access New Island and therefore continue the story. Does anyone know how to fix this problem. I have tried repatching the ROM. I've also tried downloading several other versions of the (v6, v7 REBORN 3.9 etc.) with no luck. I'm playing this on my PC as I'm recording it for my youtube channel. I'm currently using win 10 so is that the problem? Any help would be really appreciated.

Thanks!:) • • • • •. Okay guys just to follow up on this. I found someone who had a working version of Glazed and he managed to get through the glitchy bit for me on his ROM. There seems to be no solution to this and it's a random uncommon glitch. I believe if you encounter this glitch you should look for someone who has played and completed Glazed and see if they can go through that bit of the game for you on their ROM or hack the game with advance map so that you can create a tile in the game which will warp you to New Island and back again. There's plenty of tutorials out there on how to use Advance Map on GBA games:) • • • •.