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Nov 05, 2010  I have an old friend ( 90), who was a weekend camera dealer for 40 years, and he gave me a Leica, Luffwaffen Eigentum, with swastica and an M underneath, and the Nazi emblem on the Lens cover, the serial numbers on the top areFI. 20452, on the back is engraved, Luffwaffen Eigentum.

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Hello, I know a lot of people have asked questions about this similar camera but I am hoping someone can help me out with mine. I have a Leica D.R.P Ernst Leitz Wetzlar Fl.

38079 and another No. On the back it says 'Luftwaffen Eigentun'. On the front of the lens it says Leitz Elmar f=5cm 1:35. From what I know is that this camera was issued to the Nazi Air force, and this camera was used in WWII (only 6 films were run through the camera so it's in excellent condition). The camera is dark gray/greenish color over all.

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It was veriefied that it is an authentic Leica Luftwaffen camera. A couple years ago I was offered $11,000 for this camera and I declined the offer since I just got the camera and I was too excited to give it up. Can you please help me out and give me an estimate of what these cameras are worth?