Install Microsoft Excel Driver (*.xls *.xlsx *.xlsm *.xlsb)

Before we can build the connection string we need to ensure that the ODBC drivers are available on our system. ODBC Drivers. The standard ODBC drivers for MS Access 97 (*.mdb) and MS Excel 97 (*.xls) should be available on all Windows installations. Opening by specifying file name (interface: ADO). Select 'File' option and then browse for the needed file. Opening through connection string (interface: ADO).

  1. Install Microsoft Excel Driver (*.xls *.xlsx *.xlsm *.xlsb)

This reference section describes additional connection string information when using EDT to load data directly from an Excel spreadsheet file. The Excel Database Tasks (EDT) software can load data from ANY source either as an Excel report, or Validate and send the data to any destination Table or Stored Procedure. Supporting MS SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, Access, DB2 databases. A connection string can be pasted into the EDT Data Source connection string text box as highlighted below.

Install Microsoft Excel Driver (*.xls *.xlsx *.xlsm *.xlsb)


After modifying the connection string, click the TestĀ button to verify the connection: Microsoft ACE OLEDB 12.0 Microsoft ACE driver will allow you to query Office files (Including Access database AND Excel files). If you want to read the column headers into the result set (using HDR=NO even though there is a header) and the column data is numeric, use IMEX=1 to avoid crash.To always use IMEX=1 is a safer way to retrieve data for mixed data columns.

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Consider the scenario that one Excel file might work fine cause that file's data causes the driver to guess one data type while another file, containing other data, causes the driver to guess another data type. This can cause your app to crash. Xlsb files Connect to Excel 2007 (and later) files with the Xlsb file extension. That is the Office Open XML format saved in a binary format.