How To Install Car Radio Band Expander

How To Install Car Radio Band ExpanderHow

Band Expander to allow NZ tuner frequencies to be tuned into car radios manufactured for the Japanese market where the radio can only seek from 76-90MHz. How to fit a radio Band Expander to Nissan Note #1408Andy Mechanic. Brian Cooley shows you how to get key tech features like Bluetooth hands-free calling by installing an FM modulator in your car.

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Let’s face it – no matter what type of RC car you have, the one thing you want it to do is go fast! So what happens when your friend asks you how fast your car is? If you’re like me you always embellish the truth a bit and add a few extra miles per hour. Come on, admit it you’ve done that.

Anna calvi anna calvi rar. Well, as times change and technology gets better, we can now know for sure just how fast our cars are going. Enter Traxxas’ Telemetry Expander unit, a bite-sized part that fits into any Traxxas vehicle and allows you to monitor things going on in your car, one of them being speed! We’re going to take this Expander and install it in our along with a Traxxas GPS Speed Module and Wireless Link Module. Step 7 I wrapped my communication cable around the ESC to reach the Expander.

How To Install Car Radio Band Expander

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You can zip tie it to the ESC wire or, as I did, feed it into the clip on the side of the ESC. Once routed, plug the communication cable into the port shown; this is the ONLY port you have available for this cable. The rest are used for additional sensors and will cause an error in setup if you plug the comm cable into any of them. Replace the wire cap on the Expander unit. NOTE: I disconnected all the motor wires to make it easier to see the installation; this is not something you are required to do. The connection didn’t take too long (I think it took longer to download the app to my iPhone), but one thing the system required was an update to both the GPS Module and Wireless Link Module.