Holsclaw Boat Trailer Serial Number

Holsclaw Boat Trailer Serial NumberNumber

Where is the serial number on a mercury boat motor? It depends on the model. Most of the early models are displayed on a metal plate, rivited around the tilt tube, on the front of the engine, just under the manual choke lever. The vehicle identification number of a boat trailer is often located on two sticker-type plates: one is on the side trailer frame behind the tongue while the other is on the right taillight just outside of the side frame.

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Holsclaw boat trailer serial number

Boat trailer weight estimates Trailer Weight Estimates Use this chart to approximate the weight of a typical boat trailer. These figures are based on a comparison of manufactured trailers and not on any specific Glen-L trailer model. Trailer Capacity No. Axles Trailer Length Trailer Width Weight 1000 lbs. 1 15'4' 62' 295 lbs. 1 15'4' 62' 305 lbs.

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Boat Trailer Serial Number Location

1 17'2' 88' 492 lbs. 1 18'2' 96' 522 lbs. 1 18'2' 96' 625 lbs. 1 19'8' 96' 677 lbs. 1 20'8' 96' 933 lbs. 1 27'9' 96' 1512 lbs.