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COMAND-APS NTG4.5 [ ] In late 2011, Mercedes starting fitting the new COMAND-APS NTG4.5 to its cars for Model Year 2012, and then to other models such as the, and SLK. It thus became the latest generation of COMAND for its non-flagship cars (i.e. The unit also stores the navigation maps on an internal HDD which have some extra space for mp3 files. Mercedes ntg 5.5.

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Sophisticated data dictionary editor ensures consistency between the field and the office • Create custom lists of features and attributes for field data collection with the Data Dictionary Editor, or import a data dictionary from a GIS based on its exact data schema. • Receive prompts in the field to enter specific information into data capture forms, ensuring data integrity and compatibility with the GIS. • Create conditional attributes that dynamically adapt to previously entered attribute values, for maximum data collection efficiency. Differential corrections to improve the quality of GNSS data collected in the field • Use postprocessing to significantly improve the accuracy of data collected in the field all the way down to centimeter level (1 cm / 0.4 inch). Steam tomb raider anniversary trainer. 1 • Supports the complete Trimble Mapping and GIS GNSS portfolio, as well as associated positioning technologies, such as Trimble H-Star™. 1 Depending on the environment and the GNSS receiver. Quality control your collected field data • Analyze collected features to confirm they are complete and accurate before exporting to a GIS, CAD, or database system. Review and edit GNSS positions and attributes for the highest quality data.

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• Collected features can be compared against background datasets such as vector GIS data, aerial photographs or satellite imagery in order to verify accuracy and detect conflicts. • Background data can be imported to GPS Pathfinder Office from GIS systems, directly from imagery files, or referenced directly from a WMS. Import and export data to a variety of GIS and CAD formats • Verify and update GIS data previously collected in the field. • Import data to GPS Pathfinder Office from a number of GIS and database formats.