Football Manager Product Activation Key

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  1. Football Manager 2016 Activation Product Key Download

Football Manager 2016 Activation Product Key Download

As you can tell by the title it looks like i got stooged. I am not a regular game player and after some googling i realized my used ebay retail copy is probably useless. When i bought it i was told it had not been used but i never really thought about it as with all my other games if you have the original dvd's it will work. I have made a support ticket with Ubisoft and am waiting for a response but by the searches i have made it does not look good. If this is a standard Uplay process of only 1 activation it will make sure i do not buy any more Ubisoft games. I am also waiting to see if the ebay seller will give me their log on details but it does not look good, they seem to be avoiding replies. Would anyone know of a way to fix this or should i just trash the game or does Uplay issue new activation codes?