Emulador Fiscal Serial


Personal Background: I am a graduated machine engineer for automatic control. I have been working as a system engineer for 10 years already. My firm AS Computer Software was founded in 1994.


I have many applications for DOS and Windows OS from simple accounting to programmers tools. I know many programming languages like Assembler, Clipper, C/C++, Delphi, VB, Alaska XBase++ etc. I like people, rock music, films, art, nature, many other nice things and computers. I wrote one EBOOK for programmers on how to test applications that must support fiscal printers in my area, how to make software fiscal printer emulators and how to use your VSPD. I put translated users guide for your product on my site and more then 500 people have downloaded it.


Emulador Fiscal Serial

I beleive that they downloaded your software for testing too. Victoria Veligodsky: Why did you start looking for this kind of software? What were the reasons? Aleksandar Stefanovic: Two years ago fiscal devices became “must have” for all trading companies. Many programmers, including me, started to write software to support them. We all have to test our software again and again to make sure it works properly with fiscal devices.