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I wrote to Specialized, providing the serial number of my frame. This is the response got back: 'I am sorry the serial number will not helps us identify the year of your Specialized bike' So I'm wondering - what good is a serial number? What DOES it tell you? I'm thinking you got someone that didn't want to be bothered. If you have a name or number, try contacting them asking that they pursue your question. If you have no such info, resubmit your question.

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Elgin Bike Serial Number Database

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Acrorip 64 bit. Once opened, there are usually options where a customer can add info or update the request. IME this is unusual when dealing with Spec's customer support. Telugu serial actress priyanka photos. I'd try again. I called yesterday and the Specialized rep indicated that the serial no tells them nothing about a frame. It is used during assembly to identify a part. So I was completely wrong thinking that it could be decoded, like an automobile VIN number.Interesting, even if they are non-decodable you'd think they'd have a database to map from serial number to model, model year, production date, factory, assembly line, etc.