Download Llumar Precision Cut Software

Download Llumar Precision Cut Software

Paint Protection Film & Cutting Software Since being established in 2002, FirstCut has continued to evolve into the most complete and user-friendly in the industry. Pair that with unmatched quality products and detailed reporting capabilities and you have a precision-based profit opportunity. Our library of digital window film patterns includes most current makes and models as well as many older body styles. All patterns are included with the software and are updated monthly.

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Best Answer: Very interesting question! Some manufacturers promote one software or another and this might be a direction to go. This way a local rep from the MFG or distributor (if there is one) can do the training and address questions. We had a choice between the CP Films precision cut software and TintTek 2020. I had a familiarity with TINTTEK so I went that way. They have most of the patterns you would ever require. I do understnd that the Precision Cut may have some features that TINTTEK misses.

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