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PART 1 - GETTING STARTED Disneyana has proven to be a beloved collectible for many. Collectible Disneyana covers a vast array of memorabilia and merchandise.

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Disney Trading Pins have become one of the hottest types of Disneyana collecting today and provides fun and amusement for young and old alike. If you are new to collecting and Disney Pin Trading it must all seem a bit overwhelming. One day you are completely oblivious to the concept and the next you see Disney Trading Pins everywhere and wonder why you never noticed them before. Suddenly there are so many more Cast Members at the various theme parks than you had ever realized.

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Optimik serial number And many of them are wearing lanyards covered with Disney Pins. The kiosks and stores have racks and racks of trading pins that have seem to have suddenly appeared. It’s obviously quite popular and you might really enjoy it yourself but where on earth do you begin?