Chef Norfolk Deluxe Fan Forced Oven Manual

Compare prices $849.00 Chef EXC627W 60cm electric fan forced wall oven with separate grill and 60 minute timer in white Separate grill 60 minute. WE SMASHED THE GLASS PANEL ON THE GRILL DOOR FOR A CHEF NORFOLK DELUXE GAS WALL OVEN. CAN YOU PLEASE HELP ME FIND ONE. I need parts for the oven door handle on a chef norfolk delux wall oven.

This oven business comes down to where the heat gets into the cake? A fan will blow hot air over the top more than a conventional will put heat into the side and base. The fan dries the top and perhaps prevent rising except by doming as the dome acts like a balloon as the moisture in the cake turns to steam and bicarb gas?

Chef norfolk deluxe fan forced oven manualChef Norfolk Deluxe Fan Forced Oven ManualForced

Chef Norfolk Deluxe Fan Forced Oven Manual

To try understand this think of how thick liquids boil over a pan - it is the rising bubbles that lift the food out of the pan? We want that lift in our cakes too and we want the heat and lift to work from bottom to top of the mix to get a really high soft cake. The fan doesn't allow this as the fast setting top resists the rise or goes domes.