Aurora Keymapper Download

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For your info, BS uses per app based config files (.cfg) to map keyboard keys or joysticks to devices/android 'actions', such as swipe, tilt, jump, etc. Usually those config files can be found in ' C: ProgramData BlueStacks UserData InputMapper ', BS comes preloaded with 1k+ profiles of the most famous apps/games. BS background services will also attempt to download the mapping profile (if there is one available) for newly installed app if no profile found in your computer. However, please note that if you have debloated, the background download services might have been disabled too, i can't remember which app responsible for that.


Aurora Keymapper Download

Aurora 2 keymapper download

You can also create your own keys mapping profile, you can use ' TEMPLATE.cfg' found in above dir as a reference. Lucky for us, there are tools created to simplify this kind of job, one of the most known is. Yea, Chrome based browsers do not work properly for me either, but Firefox works! Btw, what issue do you have with Google Frameworks? Are you trying to install Gapps manually or something?